35-Years of Cost-Effective Energy Saving Strategies.

Air Power USA has always been an industry-leading provider of unbiased insights and cost-effective strategies. We are technical experts that help you start down the right path of managing an optimal compressed air system

Problems We Solve

Optimal energy efficiency in your facility is the result of a process of continuous improvement. We are technical experts that help you start down the right path on a strategic energy management program.

With unbiased insights and cost-effective strategies, we reduce your energy consumption without sacrificing the product quality or production uptime.

Compressed air systems design

We provide guidance for implementation strategies on retrofits and new construction applications for industrial compressed air systems. Giving recommendations based on energy conservation, reliability, easy-of-use, and industry experience.

Implementation oversight

We’re always willing to get our hands dirty and start developing your implementation plan with quotes on equipment and contractors and verification for funding.

Our Approach

1. Turnkey

Turnkey programs where Air Power USA services cover the entire life cycle of compressed air systems. Including Project Identification, Financing, Implementation, Program Persistence, and Results Tracking.

2. Practical

Practical programs that can initiate pilots or research initiatives for industrial clients to broadcast across multi-facility channels. This ensures hands-on involvement by engaged Industrial facilities plant staff at the critical first stage of the program implementation BEFORE it is rolled out to the remaining Industrial facilities plants.

3. Results Oriented

Results-oriented programs that can reward Air Power and our Clients monetarily for exceeding energy savings targets. Much of our development has come from Results-oriented projects where we are contracted on a performance basis of our recommendations.

4. Substantive

Substantive programs that builds on more than 2,400 technical assessments and 1,200 project installations Air Power has completed. This carries other industry opportunities that will be identified and presented for Industrial facilities to consider.

5. Comprehensive

A comprehensive investigation process that addresses both demand and supply compressed air assets.

Techincal assessments

Complete utility grade assessments of the compressed air assets as well as end-users of each facility. Each technical assessment is a thorough diagnostic resulting in relative cost, usage, management procedures and remediation strategies in both the short and long-run of the system life.

Utility incentive management

We identify ways to reduce client’s capital investment in their energy efficiency improvements. With over 87% of our projects seeking utility incentive financing, we have the unique position of a niche market with a broad array of influence. Our team understands the rules of utility incentives and how to operate within them. Regularly we have surprised clients with no idea their project would be eligible to earn incentives.

Why We Are Different


Independent & Brand Neutral

We have chosen to remain independent and brand neutral, so our solutions are the most economical for our clients. Our core service is energy consulting and how we implement is up to you.


Practical Solutions

Each of our recommended projects in compressed air come with a history of applied projects overseen by our field specialists. We recommend projects with practical applications and field-tested outcomes. As our team is aware of market innovations, we encouraged pilot applications with innovative technologies. We take a cautious and transparent approach where both us and the client walk away with verified results.


Trade Ally Network

Our 35+ years of industrial assessments has fostered relationships with implementers all over the continental US. This is a direct benefit of working directly with facilities preferred vendors and we are now in the unique position to offer those relationships to clients, filling in gaps to better manage the clients objectives.

Industries We Serve

Food and Beverage

Plastics and Rubber Products

Machinery Manufacturing

Chemical Manufacturing

Fabricated Metal Products

Paper Manufacturing

Our History


1985 December 5th, 1985 – Air Power USA was incorporated. Air Power USA was founded in 1986 by our president, H.P. "Hank" van Ormer, to meet a growing demand for expert counsel on ways to improve production and reduce electric power costs of compressed air systems. We are not a compressor dealer. We are practical, down-to-earth compressed air consultants, not "blue sky" theorists.


First Large contracts through Air Power USA were before the independent consulting days. Hank was contracted by an Italian OEM, German OEM and a Parts Company to help improve their direct mailing program in the US. These contracts were to help them understand the US market. It was collectively a 2-year contract at $9/M.


Hank held a Full-day seminar in Wisconsin on compressed air best practices. Hank met a guy from General Motors (GM) and the next thing he knew he was contracted to assess every GM compressed air system for the foreseeable future. In order to accomplish this, Hank’s son, Scott van Ormer joined as a lead auditor.


Accomplishments during the 90’s:

- Initial compressed air study completed for the department of defense, culminating and reviews of 15 sites.
- Industry Award from Compressed Air Challenge, U.S. Department of Energy.
- Identified our largest compressed air leak to date.
- Air Power USA adds project implementation support to its services.


Partners in Excellence: Partners in Excellence from Ross Products Division of Abbott Laboratories.


Comprehensive review of compressed air systems in more than 30 GM plants from 1999-2000.


Improving Compressed Air System Performance: A Sourcebook for Industry From 2000-2003 Hank Van Ormer worked with Bill Scales in key advisory role for the publication of “Improving Compressed Air System Performance: A Sourcebook for Industry” – The NREL sourcebook for the DOE’s Industrial Technologies Office


Utility Programs: Air Power USA moves strongly into working within utility programs to fund and develop compressed air studies. This is a result of traditional customers having fewer resources available for efficiency improvements.


Proprietary Modeling Software Development: Developed proprietary modeling software for modeling and report automation from 2007-2014. f. 2008 - 60 Audits Throughout California: From 2008-2012 we completed 60 Audits throughout California which represented our first concentrated utility program blitz.


60 Audits Throughout California: From 2008-2012 we completed 60 Audits throughout California which represented our first concentrated utility program blitz.


Entergy Arkansas Exceptional Achievements Award.


Top Performer Award – 35 GWh of verified savings and expanded assessment opportunities into Hydraulic applications.


Viva Las Vegas: Assessed all 11 Nevada Energy facilities, which power the Las Vegas Strip. In 2015 Air Power USA also completed 52 project implementations under the Efficiency Vermont Utility Incentive program using its first “no cost project” incentive model.


Air Power USA grows into new office space in downtown Gahanna Ohio, 6 minutes from the Columbus Airport.


Awards and Opportunities: Air Power USA delivered its largest single systems project savings to date – 6.5 GWh


From 2019-2021 Air Power USA achieves year-over-year recognition for most savings achieved through the ComEd Industrial Systems Program.


Air Power USA rebrands to APenergy to recognize its ability to service all industrial systems from project discovery through implementation and funding. APenergy still maintains its Air Power USA foundation and is still recognized as Air Power USA, a subject matter area expert in industrial compressed air systems.