Expert Witness

Hank van Ormer through Air Power USA has performed as an expert witness for the courts. In an advisory role, Air Power has been consulted as an independent expert opinion on compressed air and compressed air systems.

An expert Witness is anyone with the knowledge or experience in a particular discipline beyond what would be expected outside of that field of focus.

In the matters of compressed air, independent experts are typically relied on for opinions on injury or cause of failure in a machine.

In each case, the personal relation to the defendant is considered.

The requirements of an expert witness process are to:

  1. Collect and evaluate the information of a case and form an informed decision on the content.
  2. A written report with evidence-based results is required to be presented before the court or other tribunal.
  3. As an expert witness has a supreme duty to the Court over and above any duty owed to the hiring party. Even though they are still responsible for paying the expert’s fee.


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