Compressed Air Audits

An air system audit is a thorough diagnostic assessment of your supply side and demand side pneumatic systems. We identify costs, develop usage management procedures, assign accountability and ultimately isolate air power as a cost of production.

Textbooks & Manuals

The team at Air Power USA is making it possible to share their expertise on the productive and cost-effective use of compressed air systems. Authored by Air Power USA president and founder Hank van Ormer, these textbooks and manuals are your guide to the ins and outs of maintaining compressed air systems.

Air System Design

The specialists at Air Power USA can help you design a new compressed air system from scratch, redesign an older system to increase efficiency, or redesign expansion systems to fit into existing systems.

Training & Seminars

Whether you are a plant engineer or a chief financial officer, Air Power USA can tailor our compressed air system training and seminars to target all individuals who have responsibility for or interest in compressed air systems and equipment. We present general seminars with standard, pre-set agendas and custom seminars designed to meet the special needs and interests of the attendees and sponsors.

Air Power USA provides greater efficiency and end-use quality for compressed air and hydraulic systems. Our clients average a 30 percent reduction in energy costs as a result of implementing our services. We are independent compressed air and hydraulic system consultants and are not affiliated with any compressed air or hydraulic system dealers or manufacturers. To learn how the technical experts at Air Power USA can help you pull fat savings out of thin air for your compressed air or hydraulic system, contact us today.