Training & Seminars

Whether you are a plant engineer or a chief financial officer, Air Power USA can tailor our compressed air system training and seminars to target all individuals who have responsibility for or interest in compressed air systems and equipment. We present general seminars with standard, pre-set agendas and custom seminars designed to meet the special needs and interests of the attendees and sponsors.

Our training and seminar programs typically cover the following topics:

  • Cost-effective use of compressed air systems
  • Overview of compressed air systems
  • The supply sector: air compressor types; dryers, filters and drain traps; governmental regulations; compressor capacity controls and their effect on power cost.
  • The demand sector: Effective control set-up; reduced air usage; flow controllers; identifying and eliminating artificial demand; preventive and predictive maintenance.
  • Neo-technology in compressed air systems and equipment
  • Case studies: Demand-side control and air conservation programs
  • Action plans: Things to do when you get back to your plant

Sponsorship opportunities for compressed air system seminars also are available. Past sponsors include utility companies, manufacturers, business groups, professional associations and government, conservation and environmental organizations.

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